V6 Solutions designs, engineers, deploys, and manages a full range of networked communications and infrastructure solutions, including IT and network requirements, definition and analysis, detailed systems design, network and technology selection and procurement, global end-to-end installation, and spectrum/bandwidth management.

V6 Solutions network solutions encompass voice, video, data, narrowband, broadband and wireless technologies. The network solutions’ applications include large scale government enterprise networks, highly secure networks data centers, remote offices and telecommuter centers.

Functional Expertise

  • Requirement Definition & Analysis
  • Detailed Systems Design
  • Network & Technology Selection & Procurement
  • Global End-to-End Installation
  • Post Installation Support & Certification
  • Multi-Project Analysis, and Tracking
  • Secure Networked Communications
  • Spectrum/Bandwidth Management
  • Wireless Systems Migration

Technical Expertise

  • Global Information Grid – Bandwidth Expansion
  • Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)
  • Military and civilian Satellite Communications
  • MAN, WAN, LAN and Wireless LAN Design & Installation
  • Voice and video over IP Systems


Federal and state agencies and military branches must properly secure and protect the sensitive information that is disseminated over the Internet and other networks – especially given that this information can have a direct impact on national security interests. V6 Solutions delivers analyses, methods and technologies that enable clients to secure their information against unauthorized access and denial of service.

V6 Solutions information security solutions protect and defend information systems against malicious actions, reduce the threat to system security and proactively manage risk. The Company also provides security policy and procedure development, threat determination and risk assessment, vulnerability analysis, system security engineering, network defense, secure document processing, applications and web security, security evaluation and accreditation and training.

Functional Expertise

  • Security Policies & Procedures Development
  • Threat Determination, Risk Assessment & Vulnerability Analysis
  • Systems Security Engineering & Research
  • Security Awareness & Training
  • System & Network Security Administration
  • Firewalls, VPN & Crypto Design & Installation
  • Intrusion detection and monitoring
  • Disaster recovery (DR) and Continuity of Operation (COOP)

Technical Expertise

  • CISSP, ISSAP and NSA IAM Certified INFOSEC Professionals
  • FISMA Process & DITSCAP Support
  • Software Engineering Institute’s System Security Engineering Capability Maturity Model
  • personnel ID and & Tracking Card System
  • Applications and Web Security Access Control Tool
  • Facial Recognition Technology Network Defense
  • VPN and DMVPN solution design and implementation